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Appeals Commercial

I decided to take the original and pretty lame Hoveround commercials and add a new spin to them. HERE’S MY VIDEO

For those who may or may not have experienced these commercials, here’s the original.

As you can tell from observing it, the audience it is directed to is a very distinct and, arguably, narrow audience. The imagery of the nursing homes and the grandchildren serve as weird ultimatums for the elderly who cannot walk with ease any more; if you can’t walk CLEARLY you’re going to go to a home and you’ll never see your grandchildren anymore.

The solution?

The Hoveround of course!

The commercial is full of information to help the elderly person make the choice that would give them mobility again, including imagery of helpful telephone assistants, the aptly named Tom Kruise, the plethora of elderly people hanging out with their families and doing the things they love. Clearly this commercial is more ethos and pathos driven as it gives you tons of information and doesn’t use much in the sense of imaginative sales tactics.

This is my problem with this commercial. It serves as an infomercial as opposed to a goofy commercial.

My goal with this commercial was to change it into a nonsensical pathos driven advertisement. Aimed particularly to younger gentlemen who want to be “cool” or “hip.”

In my video, I decided to remove any form of information. I also removed any instances of old people talking in the form of testimony. I kept in Tom doing his introduction to welcome the viewer to the product itself but that’s about it. I then found plenty of clips on Youtube of people doing stupid stunts on Hoveround’s and randomly placed them into the video amongst images of old people riding them around. For an added effect, I removed all the audio and replaced it with a song by the band The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion; a hard-rock/punk/blues band. I included a video of them preforming and randomly placed clips of it throughout the video as if the commercial was, in fact, a music video for the band preforming.

The end result is a video that is more rock orientated and more viewer friendly. Since it is not contextually stated that Hoverounds are for old people, the imagery of the band preforming and the kids preforming stunts on the device sell it successfully as more of a toy and less of an aid to those in need. Because of this, it’s clear that the commercial is much more pathos driven than the original. I feel as though the advertisement does succeed in the respect that it now successfully sells the product to a younger group of people and even more so because of the amount of misinformation.  The idea that a simple change of tune and context can make a product completely different is proven to be factual with this video.


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