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Biography Project!

The idea of doing a biography is both exciting and infuriating. I really want to touch upon an interesting subject matter but I find that there’s a lapse in agreement when it comes to what I find interesting and what others find interesting


Pictured above: Interesting

For a subject matter, I wanted to focus on a person who has more of a celebrity status as opposed to someone in my immediate family. I also wanted to do someone who would have a good amount of information surrounding them but it would be something to work for as opposed to something easy to come by. For example, I personally love Peter Gabriel. However, so don’t hundreds of millions of other people and my attempts to personally make a biography on him, I feel, would be futile due to the major resources found elsewhere on him.


Though he looks cool, don’t he?

This narrowed the playing field for me and brought my choices down to one logical person in my eyes: The person who made the start-up sound for Windows 95…

In fact, the guy who made this sound made every sound for the Windows 95 system. Some of the sounds are still used today. You are definitely thinking “why the hell do you want to do this?!”


Pictured above: The dude who made the soundtrack to your first computer.

This is Brian Eno. Besides doing the sounds for Windows 95, Eno has released a total of 25 solo studio albums, 24 collaborative albums, 13 compilation albums, 8 video albums, two live albums, 7 singles and a handful of soundtracks. Some of the people he’s collaborated with include David Byrne from Talking Heads, Robert Fripp from King Crimson, and John Cale from The Velvet Underground. Brian Eno was also a member of the band Roxy Music in the 70’s.


Pictured above: The dude who made the soundtrack to your first computer except more odd looking.

Brian Eno has also produced a total of 43 albums included albums for John Cage, David Bowie, Devo, Talking Heads, U2, Coldplay, Grace Jones, and many many many more.

Unfortunately, Eno isn’t the pop culture icon that he should be. He’s a guy that’s more exclusive to people who know a thing or two about production and the music industry. He’s extremely innovative and is, arguably, the most important face in contemporary music history. He created recording techniques that are now considered normal, he coined the term “ambient music,” and was one of the first musicians to ever combine the idea of visual art and music to create a listening and viewing experience.

As for me, I don’t know what exactly I’ll pinpoint. I was thinking about doing a whole broad look at his career but I might also decide to focus exclusively on his solo work. It’s all up in the air right now but I’ve definitely made progress in deciding a person to work on.

As for me being a part of the story, it would be fun to be a part of it. However, my part is exclusively as the consumer nerd who has all of his albums on vinyl (where applicable).


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One response to “Biography Project!

  1. Tanya R. ⋅

    Love this idea. People seem to fixate on some public figures, creating account after account about their lives and their contributions to society. There are so many fascinating people out in the world that never receive much attention or any attention at all, like Eno. I think the larger purpose of your biography is to bring attention to this problem and make your own contribution by telling the story of one person who has been “invisible” in public life. I look forward to reading this!

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