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Peer Review

Dr. Rodrigue/Advanced Writing, Fall 2012/Biography Peer Review


1.  Genre regularities, as you know, function as guides to help writers compose. Identify at least two common characteristics of the genre of biography in your peers’ work. If these characteristics do not exist, tell the author.


2. As we discussed in class, many biography writers construct generic identities (the hero, the villain, the martyr) or tell stories with common themes (the coming of age story, the tragedy, the unexpected romance) or simply report the life events of a person. In an effort to avoid approaching the writing of a biography as a “fill-in-the-blank” endeavor, writer’s need to have a distinct purpose(s) geared to a particular audience. What is the writer’s purpose(s) in writing this biography? What goals do you think the writer is trying to achieve? What arguments is he/she trying to make? Describe them below. If you can’t determine a purpose(s), tell the author.


3. In what ways do you see the writer taking his/her audience into consideration when trying to achieve his/her purpose? (For those who are composing Powerpoint presentations, the audience is the class. For those who are composing in any other medium, the audience description, as you know, is on a word document on the assignment page).

By using storify and a timeline with videos, and pictures is a really good idea, and will help give a sense of who he has worked with as well as the work he has done as a solo artist.  Also a good idea would maybe have YouTube clips with songs that he has produced for Coldplay, U2 (older and newer songs) and (Viva La Vida was a genius album) and songs that he has released himself.  By doing this you might actually get people in the class to consider buying his solo music if they like what they hear.


4. Identify at least three rhetorical strategies the writer uses. Describe the extent to which these rhetorical strategies are effective in helping the writer achieve his/her purpose(s) to the intended audience.


5. Describe the extent to which your peer’s chosen modes (alphabet, audio, visual) and medium(s) (video, photographs, pictures, alphabetic writing, etc) function rhetorically. Do you think the incorporation of other modes and mediums could help the writer strengthen the biography and further achieve his/her goals? If so, make a suggestion of how and where the writer might incorporate other modes and mediums.


6. Identify two strengths of the paper, and explain why you think these are strengths.


7. Identify two parts that need to strengthened, and make a suggestion as to how the writer might do so.


8. Make some general suggestions that may help your peer strengthen the draft (perhaps you think they need to conduct more research, incorporate a particular point of view, cut something out, etc).

I think you should focus on his solo career compared to the careers of artists that he has worked with and how he has gained a lot of success working with them as opposed to the success he has achieved as a solo artist.  I think by doing this, would make for a very interesting biography, as it is something different from the normal everyday biography.


Spend the last 10 minutes of class talking with your peer about your responses and anything else that will help him/her strengthen his paper.


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