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Final Blog Post

There are plenty of things that I find to be difficult. Algebra, postmodern existentialism, and talking to celebrities are only a few of these things that can be detrimental to my sanity.



Another thing that I find to be difficult is summing up my thoughts on an interesting semester.

This is an attempt:

When I started out this semester, I didn’t know what to expect from a class called “Advanced Writing.” When reading the title of the class, it conjured up many mental images pertaining to what it was I would learn and what I would do. Initial thoughts suggested to me that the class would be entirely textbook based and focused entirely on writing things in journals and focusing on more of an archaic standard. This is, of course, what society deems to be “advanced.”

"Dear Diary, I'm so advanced it hurts"

“Dear Diary, I’m so advanced it hurts”

However, upon the opening class, I realized things would be a bit different in this class. There was a strong reliance on computers and the digital aspect of writing which I found to be outstanding. Of course, being a college class, I was anticipating the students to take this to their advantage. I was thinking “I wonder how long it will take until we all stop listening and just browse the web.” This never happened. The amount of respect from the students in this class was outstanding and welcome. It’s sad to say that this is a rare thing in most of my English classes.

The most I took away from this class, personally, was the strong focus on rhetorical strategies. It’s a shame, really, that most of these strategies are only implied when it comes to writing and there really isn’t a strong focus on them in classes. In this class, I was allowed to go through and really focus and exercise my abilities when it comes to using them. This kind of study should be mandatory for people wishing to study English as, without it, we really cannot be considered to be a serious representative of the English language, let alone the English major. I could see progress in my classmates and I could really get a sense of growth within myself and my confidence when it comes to writing.

A representation of me writing.

A representation of me writing over the course of this class

In retrospect, I can safely say that my experience in this class is important when I think about taking English classes in the future. If nothing else, the confidence I gained in writing from all the lessons we did was more than worth my time and my energy.

Thank you, it was fun!

I had no idea how to end this so here's Huey Lewis again.

I had no idea how to end this so here’s Huey Lewis again.


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